Friday 30 April 2010

The location of the User Profile for Network Service on Windows Server 2008 & 7

This kind of thing should be easy to find, but I couldn't hunt it down on google. So to save someone else some pain, here it is - the location of the %USERPROFILE% / home directory for the NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService user:

(drum roll...)


which usually translates as:


The user profiles for other "well known" service accounts (such as LocalService) are siblings of this directory.

I hope that saves someone some time...


  1. THANKS TONS. Definitely was what I needed to know.

  2. You just got rid of my headache. Much much appreciated

  3. Thank you very much. I kept getting pages saying how there's a new structure in Win7/Win2008... but they wouldn't come out and say "Hey, btw... we moved the folders to the Windows Directory."

    Thanks again


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