Wednesday 16 June 2010

New version of FBConnectAuth released: 1.0

One year on, I've just released a minor enhancement to the tiny open source project I created called FBConnectAuth - Facebook Connect Authentication for ASP.NET.

This release contains two enhancements:
  • It supports Facebook's new Graph API Javscript SDK (but remains backwards compatible)
  • It works in partially trusted environments
It is specifically targeted at .NET 2.0 (as was the previous release) for the benefit of those who don't have control over their production environment.

Interestingly, I noticed that the new Graph API requires the use of the Facebook Application's "Application ID", rather than "API Key". This means that an example of using FBConnectAuth looks with the Graph API like this:

//Note this is the "app id", not "api Key"
FBConnectAuthentication auth = new FBConnectAuthentication(appId,appSecret);
if (auth.Validate() != ValidationState.Valid)
// The request does not contain the details
// of a valid Facebook connect session.
// You'll probably want to throw an error here.
FBConnectSession fbSession = auth.GetSession();

string userId = fbSession.UserID;
string sessionKey = fbSession.SessionKey;

//This is the Graph API access token
//(available only when using the Graph API)
string accessToken = fbSession.AccessToken;

// The above values can now be used to communicate
// with Facebook on behalf of your user,
// perhaps using the Facebook Developer Toolkit

// The expiry time and session secret is also available.

If you are interested, go take a look.

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